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There is a great deal to love about the winter weeks to come and if you find that the January blues are creeping in, halt them in their tracks by filling your days with the small joys only this time of year can bring.

A cobweb-clearing walk across the hills, the arrival of such jewels as blood oranges and Yorkshire forced rhubarb, and the infectious spirit of recharging, renewing and setting out afresh.


"Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson  


It’s with some relief that we can dive straight into 2021, focusing on the positives and how we can live a better life. The last year taught us much and one area it threw a light on was our approach to wellness. Our lifestyle habits are changing as a result of the pandemic and the good news is, they’re changing for the better. Top of the list is the focus on strengthening our immune systems, whether through fitness, food or positive thinking.

We’re also changing our approach to our leisure time. Slow, human-powered travel – we’re talking biking and walking – is replacing adrenaline fuelled pursuits, and a profound value on spending time in nature has replaced our need to hop on a plane for a change of scene. Our homes are becoming hubs of wellness – from simply improving the air quality by throwing open windows whatever the temperature outside, to creating specific areas for exercise and relaxation.


A few years ago, ‘hygge’ was a bit of a buzz word, and although we’re all talking about it less, the ideas behind it are still very much relevant. In fact, it’s a way of life, not just a trend, and the hygge concept of what true cosiness (or comfort, or contentment) is and how to achieve it are really just good sense. It’s not all about candles either.

There are some things you can bring into your home that will encourage that hygge state of mind. A nook – or ‘hyggekrog’ – is one (another good ‘perfect night in’ point for you book readers). This goes back to a very primal need to feel secure, which small spaces that offer protection and warmth provide. Surrounding yourself with objects that spark nostalgia or that are emotive for you is another key part. Engage the senses as well: the smell of baking, the sound of a fire, and being able to look upon slow, mesmeric movement, be it flames or falling rain.


January brings along lots of new seasonal produce, which you'll find in many of our boxes this month. When you start reconnecting with the seasons, you can expect fresher and more nutritious produce. As much as winter is a time for rich and warming dishes, it’s also the season in which some of our brightest and boldest produce comes to the fore. In season this month is celeriac, leeks, kale, rhubarb, beetroot, cabbage and Jerusalem artichokes.

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