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The health benefits of green vegetables

The old saying “Eat your greens” is good advice. Green vegetables are particularly rich in antioxidants and they’re the perfect choice for our February box of the month - “Go Green Box”. They are high in many phytonutrients, for example, Vitamin C, B-group vitamins, folate, fibre and minerals. There are different phytonutrients in different green vegetables but they are all beneficial.

Green vegetables are packed with nutrients that provide numerous health benefits, including:

  1. Rich in vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin K, Vitamin C, folate, and iron.
  2. Low in calories, high in fibre and promote healthy digestion.
  3. Contains antioxidants that help protect against chronic diseases.
  4. May reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases.
  5. Can help maintain healthy eyes and skin.
  6. Supports healthy brain function and may reduce the risk of neurological diseases.

Get green protection by eating vegetables such as leeks, beans, peas, broccoli, green peppers, cucumbers, celery, cabbage, courgettes (with skin on), Brussels sprouts, asparagus, leafy greens and salad leaves.

Here is a list of some of the best green vegetables to eat:

  1. Spinach
  2. Kale
  3. Broccoli
  4. Brussels sprouts
  5. Asparagus
  6. Green beans
  7. Spring greens
  8. Swiss chard
  9. Pak choy

All of these greens offer a variety of health benefits and can be easily incorporated into meals in various ways. It is recommended to include a variety of greens in your diet for maximum nutritional benefits.