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What goes well with beetroot?

Beetroot pairs well with a variety of flavours and ingredients, both sweet and savoury. Some popular ingredients that go well with beetroot include:

  1. Goat cheese: The tangy and creamy flavour of goat cheese complements the earthy taste of beetroot.

  2. Lemon: The acidity of lemon juice helps to balance the sweetness of beetroot and enhances its flavour.

  3. Walnuts: The crunchy texture and nutty flavour of walnuts complement the earthy taste of beetroot.

  4. Feta cheese: The tangy and salty flavour of feta cheese pairs well with the sweetness of beetroot.

  5. Herbs: Beetroot can be enhanced with fresh herbs such as dill, mint, and parsley.

  6. Spices: Beetroot can be seasoned with spices such as cumin, coriander, and caraway for a unique flavour.

  7. Arugula: The peppery and slightly bitter flavour of arugula pairs well with the sweetness of beetroot.

  8. Apples: The sweet and tart flavour of apples complement the earthy taste of beets.

  9. Balsamic vinegar: The sweetness and acidity of balsamic vinegar pairs well with the earthy taste of beetroot

  10. Orange: Orange pairs well with beets as it adds a sweet citrus note that complements the earthy flavour of the beets.

These are some ingredients that you can use to make a salad, risotto, soup, tart, or even in a smoothie, feel free to experiment and discover the combinations that you like the most.

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