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What is pak choi and when is it in season?

Pak choi, also known as bok choy or Chinese cabbage, is a type of Asian green that is commonly used in Chinese, Korean, and Southeast Asian cuisine. It is a leafy green vegetable that has white stalks and green leaves. It has a mild and slightly sweet flavour, with a crisp texture.

In the UK, pak choi is typically in season from late spring to early autumn, with the peak season being during the summer months, from May to September. However, it can also be grown in greenhouses, which allows it to be harvested throughout the year. As with many vegetables, the specific harvest time for pak choi can vary depending on the weather and growing conditions.

It's important to note that pak choi can be harvested at different stages of growth; the younger leaves can be harvested for salads, while the mature leaves are great for cooking.

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