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What varieties of cabbage grow in the UK?

There are several varieties of cabbage that grow well in the UK, including:

  1. Savoy Cabbage: This variety has crinkled, dark green leaves and a delicate, sweet flavour. It is typically available in the winter months.

  2. White Cabbage: also known as green cabbage, this variety has tight, firm heads of white or pale green leaves. It has a mild flavour and is available year-round.

  3. Red Cabbage: This variety has deep purple-red leaves and a slightly sweeter and nuttier flavour compared to white cabbage. It is available year-round.

  4. Spring Cabbage: This variety is harvested in the spring and is smaller and more delicate than other varieties. It has a mild and slightly sweet flavour.

  5. Chinese Cabbage: This variety is also known as Napa cabbage and has long, pale green leaves and a mild, sweet flavour. It is typically available in the fall and winter.

  6. Brussels Sprouts: These are small, tight buds that grow on a tall stem. They have a nutty and slightly bitter flavour. They are available in the UK from late autumn to early winter.

  7. Kalettes: is a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts and has a sweet, nutty flavour and a delicate texture.

  8. Hispi: is a compact, cone-shaped variety of cabbage with a slightly sweet and nutty taste, and a crunchy texture.

These are some of the most common varieties of cabbage grown in the UK, but there are many more. Some varieties are more suited to specific seasons, but thanks to modern farming techniques many of them can be found throughout the year.

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