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When are pears in season?

The availability of pears in the UK depends on the variety of pear, but generally, pears are in season in the UK from late summer to late winter, with peak season from September to November.

Varieties such as Conference pears are typically available from September to January, while other varieties like Comice and Williams are available from August to December. Forelle pears are usually harvested from September to October and Doyenne du Comice from October to November.

It's worth noting that the exact time of the harvest may vary depending on the weather conditions and the region, so the availability of pears may vary from year to year.

In addition to buying pears from your local market or grocery store, you can also find locally grown pears at farmers' markets or orchards during the peak season, which is often considered the best time to purchase pears for optimal flavour and texture.

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