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Farming Partners


Our producers are the passionate, family-owned and run farmers across neighbouring farms in Lancashire and Yorkshire who grow, harvest, rear, and care about your food. They strive for quality, transparency, and hold sustainable values at heart, just like us. We consider each of them to be a part of our growing Fresh Farm Deliveries family. Find out more about the people who are dedicated to bringing you the very best and freshest food you can get.


Johnsons Farm is a family run business based is Lancashire, where it has grown from strength to strength for over 100 years. Situated in the salad bowl of England, Tarleton is the ideal location to produce the renowned quality of seasonal vegetables they are known for. Every year Clive tries to add another interesting and unusual item of produce to the ever growing list of produce that they already grow. This year was the turn of the Shetland black potato. Traditional lines are also a favourite at Johnsons Farm, from purple sprouting broccoli to parsnips, purple cauliflowers to pink fir apple potatoes.


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